[Spce-user] Cluster sets for external rtp servers

Oleg spce at irg-x.net
Tue Apr 17 08:04:32 EDT 2018

Hello Alex.

Well, I did think so, but was hoping for a network.yml/config.yml 
example to "externilize" RTPEngine. I'm doing this currently with a 
customtt config that read from a customized config in config.yml

   dispatcher_id: '50'
     - [public ip of external RTP server]
     - [ sipwise machine ]

Then in customtt I have to do this:

modparam("rtpengine", "rtpengine_sock", "[% mycustomrtp.dispatcher_id %] 
== [% FOREACH ip IN myscutomrtp.ips %]udp:[% ip %]:[% 
rtpengine.control_port %][% UNLESS loop.last %] [% END %][% END %]")

I wanted to do this through cluster_sets and avoid having to maintain 

Thanks anyway.


On 2018-04-17 13:37, Alex Lutay wrote:
> Dear Oleg,
> Those functionality is a part of Carrier system with fully distributed
> configuration out of the box. It is not what SPCE is designed for.
> On 04/17/2018 12:51 PM, Oleg wrote:
>> I'd like to configure an external server for RTP with mr4.5.7 through 
>> a
>> cluster_set. Any documentation on how to do this with SPCE? The only
>> reference I'm finding in the Handbook is relative to extra SIP and RTP
>> sockets _on the sipwise server itself_. Instead of that, I'd like to
>> have RTPEngine on a separate machine. Is this supported with SPCE?

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