[Spce-user] Prepaid not working

Mookz Cow mookzcow at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 06:45:43 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone

I installed the latest CE version mr6.4.1, and noticed that when you select
prepaid it doesn't function?
I also noticed that prepaid.sbcprofile.conf is missing from sems folder?

I tried re-creating prepaid.sbcprofile.conf using the default configuration

I put default config in nano -w /etc/ngcp-sems/etc/prepaid.sbcprofile.conf
cp /etc/ngcp-sems/etc/prepaid.sbcprofile.conf

and applied it: ngcpcfg apply "fix prepaid from sems"

But still no luck, could anyone please assist?

I can also not get inbound calls working on mr6.4.1 but I that is a
different issue an will likely re-install previous version.

Kind Regards
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