[Spce-user] Mediator not starting after upgrade

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Aug 27 10:29:25 EDT 2018


On 08/23/2018 07:21 PM, qabane me wrote:
> it's not THAT bad, we're going from 2.8, not from 2.6!

No-no! This is what you are doing now.

So far the system has been installed as 2.6 initially and
contains all the possible issues we are not aware of nowadays.

> https://lists.sipwise.com/pipermail/spce-user/2018-August/012792.html
> System installed. NGCP version 2.6 on 2013-02-11
> System installed. NGCP version 2.8 - upgraded on 2013-04-13
> System installed. NGCP version mr3.8.13 - upgraded on 2018-08-08 01:48:43

The issues were just sleeping for ~5 years and might hit us now.
Keep going I believe you will have the happy end!

Alex Lutay

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