[Spce-user] One-shot reminder call

Marco Capetta mcapetta at sipwise.com
Wed Aug 29 03:46:05 EDT 2018

Hi Marcos,

sorry for delay in the answer.

Reminders are managed by SEMS.

You can check if your reminder request reaches properly sems checking 
the log file "/var/log/ngcp/sems.log".
You should see a line like the follwing:
       INFO:  Successfully set reminder at '17:50' for uuid 

You can double check also that the reminder is properly saved in the 
database looking at the content of the table provisioning.voip_reminder

If you see the log line and the record in the DB, then everything should 
be fine.

Just an additional note: you have to dial *55*0650 and not *55*06:50


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