[Spce-user] [SEMS] Performance tuning, parameter USE_THREADPOOL

Denys Pozniak denys.pozniak at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 11:11:14 EST 2018


Could you explain how parameter USE_THREADPOOL affect on performance?
I use SEMS with sbc application with RTP relaying, average concurrent call
is around 200.

I am about Makefile.defs:

# compile with session thread pool support?
#      use this for very high concurrent call count
#      applications (e.g. for signaling only)
#      if compiled with thread pool, there will be a
#      thread pool of configurable size processing the
#      signaling and application logic of the calls.
#      if compiled without thread pool support, every
#      session will have its own thread.


Denys Pozniak
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