[Spce-user] Show unregisterd users

Marcos Pytel marcos.pytel at cotesma.com.ar
Thu Dec 20 08:35:26 EST 2018

Hi Alex! Thank you very much.

Only one more question! There is a way to show unregistered Users?

Thank you in advance.

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Probably you are using the modern release which stores locations in Redis, try ngcp-usr-location:

> root at spce:~# ngcp-usr-location --help
> Usage: /usr/sbin/ngcp-usr-location <option> [--verbose]
>   options:
>     --all [--batch]                 count the number of registered devices and subscribers in all the system (only the plain value with --batch)
>     --domain <domain_name>          count the number of registered devices and subscribers per domain (ATTENTION: it could increase system load)
>     --subscriber <username>         count the number of registered devices per subscriber (--username is allowed as well)
>     --subscriber <username> <keys>  print the values of the specified keys for each device that belongs to the subscriber's username
>     --remove <user at domain>          remove all the registrations from a subscriber
>     --remove <user at domain> <ruid>   remove the specific registrations from a subscriber
>     --verbose                       print the device's information.
>                                     ATTENTION: it could increase 
> system load if used together with --all or --domain options
> root at spce:~#

On 12/7/18 7:06 PM, Marcos Pytel wrote:
> I don’t know why location tables is empty!
Alex Lutay
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