[Spce-user] Peering Failover in case of monthly rate limit reached

Hohl Matthias matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Mon Feb 19 06:05:58 EST 2018



just want to ask, if there is an automatic failover if a peering group
reached its monthly rate limit.

Usually comes an announcement that the limit has been reached and no further
calls are possible. 

But if I have another peering group, could the SPCE just redirect the calls
to those instead of the announcement?


I want this scenario:


2 peering Groups.

1.    Peering Group = 1000 EUR limit

2.    Peering Group = 5000 EUR limit

3.    Peering Group = 8000 EUR limit


All calls goes primary to peering group 1. If the limit of 1000 EUR is
reached, all calls should go to peering group 2. If 5000 EUR is reached, all
calls should go to peering group 3.

But this should just happens for calls which are not "emergency_" calls. If
there is a "emergency_" Callee Prefix, then this call should also work, even
if call limit is reached.


Is this possible?


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