[Spce-user] Critical error in proxy

Henk henk at voipdigit.nl
Mon Feb 5 03:31:42 EST 2018

Hi all, especially the Kamailio experts,

I analyzed it a little bit more, but the error is not from the VIA with 
local IP, but from the ACK request with local IP. So clearly not 
following SIP standards. Is there an easy way to fix this? I was 
thinking of adding this code in the sanity part of the load balancer:

     if (uri=~"sip:.+ at 192\.168\..*")
        xlog("L_INFO", "malformed request with local IP\n");
         rewritehost ("$Ri");

Is this the right way to go or is it better to drop these kind of messages?


Henk Plessius

On 3-2-2018 11:42, Henk wrote:
> I'm on SPCE 5.5.2 and see critical errors in the (anonymized) proxy log:
> Feb  3 01:09:28 spce proxy[3409]: NOTICE: <script>: New request on 
> proxy - M=ACK R=sip:ngcp-lb at;ngcpct=736970xxxxx 
> F=sip:nnnnnnnnnn at spce.vdx.nl:5160 T=sip:nnnnnnnnnn at spce.vdx.nl 
> IP=n.n.n.n:5160 ( 
> ID=4a8b73466811fda022da8fdb3fdc5206 at spce.vdx.nl 
> UA='FPBX-'
> Feb  3 01:09:28 spce proxy[3409]: ERROR: <core> [udp_server.c:548]: 
> udp_send(): sendto(sock,0x7f3abc665438,1117,0,,16): 
> Invalid argument(22)
> Feb  3 01:09:28 spce proxy[3409]: CRITICAL: <core> [udp_server.c:553]: 
> udp_send(): invalid sendtoparameters#012one possible reason is the 
> server is bound to localhost and#012attempts to send to the net
> Feb  3 01:09:28 spce proxy[3409]: ERROR: <core> [forward.h:201]: 
> msg_send_buffer(): udp_send failed
> Feb  3 01:09:28 spce proxy[3409]: ERROR: sl [sl_funcs.c:363]: 
> sl_reply_error(): ERROR: sl_reply_error used: Unfortunately error on 
> sending to next hop occurred (477/SL)
> Feb  3 01:09:28 spce proxy[3409]: NOTICE: <script>: [dialog:failed] 
> decreased redis counters 
> lua_dlg_callid:[4a8b73466811fda022da8fdb3fdc5206 at spce.vdx.nl] - 
> R=sip:ngcp-lb at;ngcpct=736970xxxxxxxx 
> ID=4a8b73466811fda022da8fdb3fdc5206 at spce.vdx.nl 
> UA='FPBX-'
> The source of the problem seems to be, that the client sends a CANCEL 
> with a VIA header containing a local address:
> Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK639a0a76;rport
> As a result, the call is not canceled on the provider side, but 
> billing stops!
> Hope someone can help me,
> Henk Plessius

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