[Spce-user] Help on SIPWISE an IMS AS

Lanvin ADON lanvin.adon at kaina-com.fr
Fri Feb 9 11:58:50 EST 2018



Is it going to take long for a patch?

Is there any workaround?






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it seems that in CF scenario the following part is not done:

Feb  9 16:55:00 sipwise proxy[10007]: NOTICE: <script>: restoring ru 'sip:student22 at binobox-ims2.com <mailto:sip:student22 at binobox-ims2.com> ' for IMS terminating callee - R=sip:student22 at binobox-ims2.com <mailto:R=sip:student22 at binobox-ims2.com>  ID=9fca7675-9add-8204-2010-7052373abbfc UA='IM-client/OMA1.0 Boghe-Win32/v2.0.153.836'

Which correspond to the following code:

#!ifdef WITH_IMS_AS
if($var(from_ims_core) == 1 && pv_isset("$avp(s:ims_role)") && $avp(s:ims_role) == "term")
      $ru = $var(orig_ruri);
      $var(to_ims_core) = 1;
      xlog("L_NOTICE", "restoring ru '$ru' for IMS terminating callee - R=$ru ID=$ci UA='$ua'\n");

in CFU scenario the IF fails cause it seems ims_role is set to <null>:

Feb  8 18:14:28 sipwise proxy[10009]: NOTICE: <script>: IMS marker, s:ims_role='<null>', s:caller_uuid='5c1f0688-8344-420d-8a2a-8fa23349ff58', s:callee_uuid='<null>', s:acc_caller_user='student21', s:acc_caller_domain='binobox-ims2.com'  - R=sip:student22 at binobox-ims2.com <mailto:R=sip:student22 at binobox-ims2.com>  ID=bbad61f3-7707-cbbb-8fca-5400cadbce2f UA='<null>'

so after CF loop s:ims_role='<null>, and the original uri is not restored after the lookp.

This seems something DEV should look into. I will report a ticket for that. Looks like ims_role get lost after the CF Loop.










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