[Spce-user] platform internal value added call rating between subscribers

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Wed Jan 10 07:37:37 EST 2018



found out a new special thing today with platform internal calls and local
value added call rating and negative fees:


The setup:


I created a billing profile with 3 entries:

-          "^43.+$","^43900222222.+$",in,"Inbound

-          ".","^43900.+$",out,"Outbound VAC”,”Austria”,3.3,1, 3.3,1, 3.3,1,

-          “^.*@sip\.telematica\.at$ <mailto:%5e.*@sip\.telematica\.at$>


I created a subscriber A with number 43 720 111111

I created a subscriber B with number 43 720 888888 and Alias 43 900 222222


If someone is calling the number of subscriber B, the caller should pay 2

If subscriber B is receiving a call to his 43 900 222222 number, he should
get billed with -1,5 EUR.

If subscriber A is calling subscriber B on 43 720 888888 he should pay the
internal network fee of 0,01 EUR.


The problem is, that the “internal network” fee overrules the fee for
subscriber A for the “Outbound VAC” call, but subscriber B gets the “inbound
VAC” payment.

Normally, if subscriber A calls the Alias number of subscriber B the call
should be rated with 2 EUR each minute at subscriber A and with -1,5 EUR
each minute at subscriber B but the “internal network” fee, just allows that
subscriber A will be rated with 0,01 EUR each minute and subscriber B with
-1,5 EUR each minute.


The Subsriber A (caller) will be rated as platform internal call with 0,01
EUR and the subsciber B (callee) will be negative rated with -1,50 EUR.

So I need to pay the subscriber B money I didn’t get from subscriber A for
the value added service call.


If I remove my “internal network” fee, the subscriber A get billed with the
premium rate fee auf 2 EUR and subscriber B get the billed with the negative
fee of -1,5 EUR.

How can I fix this? The “internal network” fee needs to be in a lower
priority like the value added call fee, but how to enable this? Any other

If I completely remove the “internal network” fee, then every customer will
be rated like if this would be a normal external call and the benefit of
“internal network” discount fees will be away.


I also found out, that the “billing zone” in the callee subscriber  is
always the billing zone of the caller subscriber.

This also could be little bit confusing for the callee, cause he didn’t see
the right billing zone description for his negative billed Value Added Call.


Any idea about this?


I hope I descriped it well enough



Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Matthias Hohl



TELEMATICA Internet Service Provider GmbH

Phone: +43 (0)5 056 400-12

Mail: matthias.hohl at telematica.at

Web: https://www.telematica.at

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