[Spce-user] Assign multiple NCOS (block outgoing numbers)

Javier Matos Odut javiermatos at vozplus.com
Wed Jan 10 10:25:24 EST 2018


We are doing some tests with SIPWISE to use it with our customers (we are
an ISP company). Actually, we are trying to implement a block for outgoing
numbers: some customers tell us to block mobile numbers for them, or maybe
international numbers, or maybe...

I think that there are 2 ways to implement it according to the
documentation (we are using version 5.5.2
https://www.sipwise.com/doc/mr5.5.2/spce/ar01s06.html). We can use block
list or NCOS level. The problem we have is that there are some patterns
that users use to ask for: "no mobile", "no international", "no
satellite"... In case the customer ask us for "no mobile" + "no
international", then we cannot reuse existing NCOS levels, but we have to
create a new one combining those that should be combined. With block list
is the same.

Is there any other way to implement what we need? And if not, if NCOS and
block list are the answer, is there a way to combine and reuse NCOS levels
or block lists to block outgoing numbers? I only need to be able to assign
multiple NCOS levels to a customer.

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