[Spce-user] Errror while upgrading from mr4.5.3 to mr5.5.2

Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana rabs at dimension-virtual.com
Sat Jan 27 15:46:59 EST 2018

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> Asunto: Re: [Spce-user] Errror while upgrading from mr4.5.3 to mr5.5.2

> Hi,
> First of all you should not share the sensitive content of constants.yml
> (you have just shared your DB passwords with Internet).

Firt of all, it's a demo system, not a production one, I was just testing the upgrade proc, that as usual, doesn't work, either on a freaking clean system.
Sorry if sounds rude, but that happens to me also, when upgrading from previous LTS to 4.5, and it's very frustating folling the instructions and get stuck.

> You have better change them and sync with DB using ngcp-sync-constants
> (or just apply new configuration: ngcpcfg apply 'changed passwords' ).

Doesn't matter, its a testing bed. I just want to see what problems would I have upgrading a real server.

> For sure there can be some undiscovered issue somewhere,
> lets try to localize it. I have just checked clean mr5.5.2 CE vagrant VM
> and both users are in DB there. You can repeat my test using manual:
>> https://www.sipwise.org/doc/mr5.5.2/spce/ar01s03.html#_vagrant_box_for_virtualbox

What's the point of doing that? ... I know that on a new mr5.5.2 everything works, I have another VM with it, this is a test of upgrading a mr4.5.3 to mr5.5.2

> Can you please share the content of /etc/sipwise_ngcp_version
> it will show us the VM life path (when it was installed, where it was
> upgraded to and when).

support at vm-pre-sipwise:~$ cat /etc/ngcp_version

Its a clean direct mr4.5.3 install, with no upgrades done so far.

> You can check the consistency of YML files executing:
>> ngcpcfg --validate check
> It should report no errors.

Imposible, system got in an unstable state:

support at vm-pre-sipwise:~$ ngcpcfg --validate check
-bash: ngcpcfg: command not found

If I rollback to a snapshot before the upgrade try:

support at vm-pre-sipwise:~$ ngcpcfg --validate check
support at vm-pre-sipwise:~$

As espected

> In a validation template I see both marked as mandatory:
> /usr/share/ngcp-cfg-schema/validate/constants.yml
>>          "rtcengine":
>>              type: map
>>              required: yes
>>              mapping:
>>               "u": { type: text, required: yes }
>>               "p": { type: text, required: yes }
>>          "rtpengine":
>>              type: map
>>              required: yes
>>              mapping:
>>               "u": { type: text, required: yes }
>>               "p": { type: text, required: yes }
> If you have some issues with configuration you should address them.

On a 4.5.3, that file doesn't exits ..

less /usr/share/ngcp-cfg-schema/validate/constants.yml
/usr/share/ngcp-cfg-schema/validate/constants.yml: No such file or directory

> Also 'ngcp-status' might share some auto-detected issues with you.

At this point it doesn't make any sense either ... I'll try a new clean 4.5.3, then just after install it ... will try to do an upgrade to mr5.5.2 and see what happens.
I hope not having to use and API dump and API restore of all the information to be able to upgrade.

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