[Spce-user] Hostname change, Grafana shows previous hostname

Jacques Henning jacques.henning at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 10:27:18 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone

I have installed the latest version of sip:providerCE:
Manual install on Debian 9.5.0 64bit netinstall
Sipwise NGCP platform version 'mr6.3.1'
It is running as an LXC Container

After initial setup, I changed IP and server-name / hostname from sbcdebian
to sbc.
I then ran:
ngcpcfg apply 'updated network interface'

I noticed that the monitoring interface Grafana now shows, sbcdebian (with
NA stats) and sbc (working stats).
How do I remove sbcdebian (with NA stats) from Grafana?

Kind Regards
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