[Spce-user] How to ignore display name from trunk

agrijalba at innovasur.es agrijalba at innovasur.es
Tue Nov 6 07:25:16 EST 2018

Hello. We have a trunk that sometimes sends funny display name in From 

In this case it happens on diverted calls, but there are other cases.

We would prefer to ignore completely the display name part and get only 
the username.

This is a simplification of the trace:

- Invite received from trunk
INVITE sip:7777777 at my_sipwise SIP/2.0.
From: "003466666666" <sip:66666666 at the_trunk>;tag=...
To: <sip:5555555 at the_trunk>.
Contact: "003466666666" <sip:66666666 at the_trunk>
Diversion: <sip:5555555 at the_trunk>; reason=user-busy; counter=1.

- How Sipwise forwards it downstream:
INVITE sip:7777777 at slave_pbx SIP/2.0.
From: "003466666666" <sip:003466666666 at the_trunk>;tag=...
To: <sip:7777777 at my_sipwise>

Inbound_upn and Inbound_npn are set to "From-Username".

We would prefer that the number was forwarded as 6666666, but we don't 
know what else to try.

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