[Spce-user] Value added call with early media cost information

Hohl Matthias matthias.hohl at telematica.at
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i want to ask if there is any new information for my feature request from January.


For VAC scenarios we need a “early media cost information” for a called number.

The option “play announce before cf” is not the right way to do this work a round, because I need the announce at calling a number and not at redirecting to another number.

So if someone internal or external call a subscriber with the number 43 900 1234 as main or alias number, then the early media cost information announce has to be triggered.

But important, JUST if the 43 900 number is be called, if the subscriber has a  43 1 12345 number as main and a 43 900 1234 number as alias, then for main number there should be no announcement and for the alias number should be the early media cost information “this call will cost you x EUR / Min”. 


This will be a very high appreciated feature for VAC operations.


Thank you.




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Okay, we do the upgrade in the next few days to 5.5.2, then i can check this feature.


But I am not really sure if I understand the “call forward” and “another subscriber… 

For my understanding, I also looked into the docu, this is just a work around and no real VAC solution.


Quote: This is an announcement that the calling party hears before the call is being forwarded (Unconditional and Not Available cases) to the destination. The feature can be activated with Applications / play_announce_before_cf domain or subscriber preference.


This means, that I need to create a own subscriber (B) with will then forward the call from (A) to (C) and need to enable a custom soundset for (B) with play announce before cf enabled.

If I do this in this way, I have a billing problem. Cause (A) will pay the fees for the VAC and (B) got the negative fee for this call (Inbound negative billing) and pay again the fees for the forward to (C). Also (C) didn’t have anymore the VAC number as Main or Alias number, so if the (C) wants to implement the VAC number directly to reach calls on there PBX, this is not possible, cause the VAC number is already set at subscriber (B).


Maybe my logic is bit disturbed today, I didn’t have some meal until now :D , but for me, this sounds more like a work a round as a real deal for Value Added Call early media.

Can you descripe it a bit more in detail?



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Hi Matthias,
as far as I can understand, this is already possible in mr5.5.
You need to use the preference "play_announce_before_cf" and upload the announcement sounds "announce_before_cf".
Subscrber A will have then a CF to another external number/subscriber and the pref play_announce_before_cf=yes. 
Sounds "announce_before_cf" needs to be uploaded, describing the cost of the call "This call will cost you X cents/min".
B calls A, and he gets the announcement, before get connected to destination number.



On 01/12/2018 12:23 PM, Matthias Hohl wrote:

thanks for the hint, but CF szenarios are very little. Also I can't find this in 4.5.5? Is just in 5.5.2 avilable?
Is there also a solution for internal platform calls from one subscriber to another?
Maybe a nice feature request:
Good would be a own setting, where we can set and upload an early media for a specific number (main or alias), and if this number got be called, anyway if this is a CF, are platform internal call, or a call from a peering, this early media will be played. Or better: with options, to activate it for one of the three or all three possibilities.
Thank you.
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this is possible to some extend with call forward only.
You can activate the announce before call forward if you enable preference play_announce_before_cf and upload the sound file announce_before_cf to the sound set.
On 01/12/2018 12:20 AM, Matthias Hohl wrote:

Is there a way to inject an early media cost information if a value added call get called?
For calls from my VAC peering partner this information will be injected before the call reach the SPCE but for internal platform calls from subscriber A to the VAC number of subscriber B there is no early media message avilable except if the client has an early media configurated. But as far as i know the provider needs to enable this before the call is transfered to the client.
Also by a call forward i have no option to insert an early media before the call got forwarded to the subscribers CF number.
Long text, short question:
Is there an option to enable/implement early media messages for VAC (btw: every number has his own rate and so needs a custom early media) between two subscribers directly on the SPCE?


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