[Spce-user] Incident [#SRY04139] Carrying original destination when forwarding

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Thu Oct 18 05:27:49 EDT 2018


On 10/17/2018 12:41 PM, linksilent at app.tenacit.net wrote:
> Hi,
> We are running into an issue at the moment with one of our SIP clients.
> Our client has an onsite PBX, with dual ISPs
> On our SIP server we have 3 accounts for our client:
> Tenant1 - Dynamic registration (PBX initiates connection to our server)
> Tenant1-Failover1 - Static registration (SIP sends traffic to IP
> obtained from ISP1 without registration)
> Tenant1-Failover2 - Static registration (SIP sends traffic to IP
> obtained from ISP2 without registration)
> Tenant1 account is configured to forward calls to Tenant1-Failover1
> when CFNA, and Tenant1-Failover2 is configured to forward calls to
> Tenant1-Failover2 when CFNA.
> Whats happening now is that the call gets forwarded to
> Tenant1-Failover1 at sipserver.example.com instead of the original DID
> number, so when it arrives at the PBX, the PBX replies with "not found"
> Is there a way to forward the call with the original destination?
> Since our client has multiple DID numbers, we cant make a catch all
> that will send the calls to a single destination, we need to still
> have the PBX see the original destination DID

are you talking about the Request-URI or To Header field? The
Request-URI is always set to the Address of Record of receiving user,
which is by design, but you can manipulate the To header if you check
the outbound_to_user preference of the receiving user/domain.

I would therefore suggest setting the preference outbound_to_user to
"Original (Forwarding) called user" or "Received To header". So far it's
my best guess: let me know if it works for you or provide more specific
example of what you are trying to achieve in what header field.

Hope this helps.


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