[Spce-user] mr 6.4.1 evaluation

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Sep 28 07:10:26 EDT 2018

Dear Henk,

Thank you for the interest to the next mr6.* NGCP
release and for the list of good questions here.

Please find my inline answers below.

On 09/28/2018 10:17 AM, Henk wrote:
> - The new customer panel seems to have less functionality than the old
> one, e.g. how can I see the call cost?

I have requested the comment from WEB Frontend team here.

> - Will mr6.x keep the possibility to choose for the old panel? I like
> the new one, but as mentioned I miss functionality (and it will not work
> for old browsers).

Yes, it is possible, see the option in config.yml:
> www_admin.http_csc.csc_js_enable="yes/no"

To re-enable old panel, please execute the following commands:

>> ngcpcfg set /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml www_admin.http_csc.csc_js_enable=no
>> ngcpcfg apply "re-enable old ngcp-panel self-care"
>> ngcp-service ngcp-panel restart

The last command will be unnecessary in the future (reported TT#44910),
so far in mr6.4.1 you have to restart ngcp-panel manually.

Also please share the list of old browsers and issues you have there.

> - Will mr6.x process acc records from Redis and from MySQL in mediator,
> also in the future?

Yes, all NGCP components are aware about accounting and locations in
Redis. Also, Sipwise plans to use Redis in production for mr6.5 LTS and
the following releases. It gives you 3+ times better performance and 10+
times less IO load (very important in Cloud with expensive IO).

Also in mr6.5 there are more patches for mediator to be compatible with
both MySQL and Redis on the fly, since Redis is not the best place as
the persistent storage. We have to offload data to MySQL in some corner
cases, like mediator is stopped for a long time.

> - How does Call Forward Rerouting work (it's not in the manual).

Requested the documentation update in TT#44909

> Maybe a bug; if I enable Redis for auth I cannot  make any calls
> anymore. Also I have to restart Kamailio manually to make changes in
> Redis settings active after a ngcpcfg apply.
At the moment NGCP stores in Redis location and accounting,
they are enabled by default due to huge performance bounce here.
The authentication in Redis is disabled by default as the testing shows
the list of issues and TODOs here. At the moment you should not enable
Redis authentication. I will fire a ticket to hide the option in mr6.5
until the feature is ready.

Thank you!

Alex Lutay

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