[Spce-user] Transitioning from one Sipwise to another Sipwise

Andy Clark andyclark05251978 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 00:01:30 EDT 2019

Dear Sipwise and fellow forum members,

   1. I'm trying to transition PBXs from my old sipwise to the new sipwise.
   2. Both sipwises have the exact same domain/username/credentials
   3. I'd like to simply move DNS hostname from old IP to new IP

This weekend i changed IPs but unfortunately not all the PBXs re-registered
with the NEW sipwise.

Basically the PBXs were not all re-sending credentials. After X number of
tries the PBX stopped registering altogether and the customers needed to
restart their PBX or restart the sip registration service.

Is there a way to tell the PBX to always resend credentials during sip
registration updates?

What is the best way of trying to accomplish this transition?

Thank you!
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