[Spce-user] Possible Bug? - NGCP Firewall in mr6.5.3

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Tue Apr 2 10:26:05 EDT 2019

On 02/04/2019 09.30, Hohl Matthias wrote:
> Oh okay…
> Last update i did 2 weeks ago.
> It looks like no fixes in there…
> I will do the update immediately.
> Btw: what about my ETH1 interface?
> How can I enable my standard rules also for eth1?
Rules are generated according to the interface types and roles assigned 
to each interface in network.yml. If eth1 does not have any types 
associated with it, then no rules will be generated for it. You can use 
ngcp-network to set up types and roles, or add your own custom rules for 
it in config.yml.


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