[Spce-user] Transitioning from one Sipwise to another Sipwise

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Tue Apr 30 08:30:54 EDT 2019

Hi Andy,
you don't have many chances to get that.
You cannot trigger a re-registration of a PBX via SIP.
In your case - for those PBX who didn't re-register - the only option 
was to restart the SIP stack on the PBX in order to trigger a new register.

Usually devices do this periodically, so they send re-register every X 


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On 4/29/19 5:59 PM, Andy Clark wrote:
> is there any way to require sip credentials every-time it renews sip 
> registration?
> not sure but is this it "Session-Timer Refresh Method" change to "invite" ?
> On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 9:01 PM Andy Clark <andyclark05251978 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:andyclark05251978 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Dear Sipwise and fellow forum members,
>      1. I'm trying to transition PBXs from my old sipwise to the new
>         sipwise.
>      2. Both sipwises have the exact same domain/username/credentials
>      3. I'd like to simply move DNS hostname from old IP to new IP
>     This weekend i changed IPs but unfortunately not all the PBXs
>     re-registered with the NEW sipwise.
>     Basically the PBXs were not all re-sending credentials. After X
>     number of tries the PBX stopped registering altogether and the
>     customers needed to restart their PBX or restart the sip
>     registration service.
>     Is there a way to tell the PBX to always resend credentials during
>     sip registration updates?
>     What is the best way of trying to accomplish this transition?
>     Thank you!
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