[Spce-user] Rtpengine xmlrpc child dies without sending anything on the net

Mauro Costantini mauro.costantini at cloud.timenet.it
Wed Aug 7 06:15:51 EDT 2019

Thanks Richard for your time,
Kamailio is listening on tcp/80 and it is reachable (just tested with
curl from the rtpengine instance to the kamailio ip)
I also checked with tshark and I saw rtpengine is not sending anything
to kamailio.
It says «Forking child to close call with tag
swcvymbauijieeu at dell-mauro via XMLRPC call to
But not even a single SYN is sent to the network.

Any idea on what should I check further?

Il giorno mar 6 ago 2019 alle ore 22:58 Richard Fuchs
<rfuchs at sipwise.com> ha scritto:
> On 06/08/2019 11.18, Mauro Costantini wrote:
> > Hi guys, I've set the timeout options, rtpengine (Version:
> > correctly recognize and apply them, but once it
> > tries to send xmlrpc call to kamailio then it fails.
> > I attach the logs.
> > Also i checked with thsark and nothing is sent from rtpengine to kamailio.
> > Where can I found more info on that crash?
> > Thank you so much.
> It's not a crash, it's just a failure to send the XMLRPC request. Is
> your Kamailio really listening on port 80 for XMLRPC?
> Cheers
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