[Spce-user] Issue update from 5.5.7 to 6.5.3

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at cloudcom.cat
Mon Feb 11 11:45:02 EST 2019

Hi to all!

I'm upgrading 5.5.7 to 6.5.3 and I have this error with ssh known_hosts:

2019-02-11 17:28:40: [58/75] Running: /usr/share/ngcp-upgrade/steps/mr6.5/fix_lock_down_config_yml
2019-02-11 17:28:40: [59/75] Running: /usr/share/ngcp-upgrade/steps/mr6.5/fix_create_shared_ssh_known_hosts
Creating missing file '/etc/ngcp-config/shared-files/ssh/known_hosts'...
ERROR: Newly created file '/etc/ngcp-config/shared-files/ssh/known_hosts' not containing expected content 'ssh-rsa'
ERROR: the step 'mr6.5/fix_create_shared_ssh_known_hosts' failed, upgrade aborted!
Please fix the root of the issue and restart 'ngcp-upgrade'
(see error details in log file /tmp/upgrade-1549901958.log ).

Doing a cat of /etc/ngcp-config/shared-files/ssh/known_hosts I have no data:

root at sbc01:/etc/ngcp-config/shared-files/ssh# cat /etc/ngcp-config/shared-files/ssh/known_hosts
root at sbc01:/etc/ngcp-config/shared-files/ssh#


Robert Cuaresma
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