[Spce-user] How to get Total calls SIPSWISE 6.5.3

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at cloudcom.cat
Wed Feb 20 15:32:26 EST 2019


I have upgraded SipWise 4.5.6 to 6.5.3 and by the moment all is ok. On 4.5.6 I have configured on Zabbix Agent this UserParameter to get total active calls: kamailio.totalcalls,ngcp-kamctl proxy fifo get_statistics :dialog::active_dialogs | sed "s/.*active_dialogs = //g", but if I run the same on 6.5.3 version doesn't works. How can I get total calls for use with Zabbix UserParameter?

I see that Grafana show this info but I can't (or I don't know how) export this to see on Zabbix Server.

Thanks a lot!

Robert Cuaresma

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