[Spce-user] Feature request: options reply with 503 during maintenance mode

Mark van Herpen mark at cambrium.nl
Tue Feb 26 06:00:04 EST 2019


We use multiple instances of Sipwise CE for incoming/outgoing peers. 
Peers check with sip-options if our instances are alive or not. If there 
is no 200 options reply, the calls are routed towards another instance.

When we want to upgrade a instance, we enable maintenance mode. I added 
a check in the kamailio-lb config in a customtt file to reply with 503 
when maintenance mode is active.
So, when we want to upgrade or do other maintenance, it's easy to get 
this instance out of production.

However, during the update process the default config is loaded and the 
instance is back into production. I have to add the 
maintenance-additions to a customtt file very fast, because otherwise 
it's back into production without the other modifications I need to do.

Is it possible to add this functionality by default? So if maintenance 
mode is enabled, send a 503 (or something else)?

I can imagine that this is not for every one a desired option. So 
perhaps make this a configuration option, 'send-503-during-maintenance'?

Kind regards,

Mark van Herpen

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