[Spce-user] Feature request: options reply with 503 during maintenance mode

Mark van Herpen mark at cambrium.nl
Tue Feb 26 07:04:53 EST 2019

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response.

It depends on the difference between the default file and my customtt 
file if I reject of accept the replacement of the customtt file.

I'm not aware of a patchtt-feature. This sounds like the way to go. Is 
this documented somewhere? Can't find in in the handbook or in man ngcpcfg.

Kind regards,

Mark van Herpen

Op 26-02-19 om 12:26 schreef Alex Lutay:
> Hi,
> First of all thank you for good ideas here.
> Unfortunately it conflicts with the default PRO/Carrier setup
> which does work well in production mode during the upgrade.
> Moreover PRO/Carrier solutions must NOT reply with 503 during
> the maintenance mode and must continue processing incoming calls.
> Honestly I do not see your problem fully.
> First of all ngcp-upgrade/ngcpcfg does NOT delete
> customtt during the upgrade (ngcp-upgrade asks your
> confirmation here, and I suppose you reject it. Right?).
> If your customtt contains only one ROUTE to reply "503" ->
> it will continue reply 503 after ngcp-upgrade.
> If your customtt more-less default to Sipwise one
> and just add new ROUTE to reply "503" -> I recommend you try
> patchtt feature which will try to reapply it on new tt2 template.
> Does it sound like a plan for you?
> Please share more light on:
>> However, during the update process the default config is loaded
>> and the instance is back into production.
> As it is not suppose to happens unless you confirmed customtt removal.
> Have fun!
> On 2/26/19 12:00 PM, Mark van Herpen wrote:
>> We use multiple instances of Sipwise CE for incoming/outgoing peers.
>> Peers check with sip-options if our instances are alive or not. If there
>> is no 200 options reply, the calls are routed towards another instance.
>> When we want to upgrade a instance, we enable maintenance mode. I added
>> a check in the kamailio-lb config in a customtt file to reply with 503
>> when maintenance mode is active.
>> So, when we want to upgrade or do other maintenance, it's easy to get
>> this instance out of production.
>> However, during the update process the default config is loaded and the
>> instance is back into production. I have to add the
>> maintenance-additions to a customtt file very fast, because otherwise
>> it's back into production without the other modifications I need to do.
>> Is it possible to add this functionality by default? So if maintenance
>> mode is enabled, send a 503 (or something else)?
>> I can imagine that this is not for every one a desired option. So
>> perhaps make this a configuration option, 'send-503-during-maintenance'?

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