[Spce-user] voicemail access to any subscriber on mr5.5.5

Brian Pelletier brian.pelletier at aloe-me.net
Sun Jan 20 09:55:16 EST 2019

I created a subscriber and forward all calls to "voiceboxpass at yourdomain" (obviously using the sip domain).  the documentation below indicates that i should be prompted for a for the mailbox and then a pin but i am getting just a pin prompt for the number i created for the access. Has anyone else ran into this problem and found a fix or am I maybe just wrong in my thought possess on how to create this access?

IVR Access

For a subscriber to manage his voicebox via IVR, there are two ways to access the voicebox. One is to call the URI voicebox at yourdomain from the subscriber itself, allowing password-less access to the IVR, 
as the authentication is already done on SIP level. The second is to 
call the URI voiceboxpass at yourdomain from any number, causing the system to prompt for a mailbox and the PIN. The PIN can be set in the Voicemail and Voicebox section of the Subscriber Preferences.

Brian Pelletier
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