[Spce-user] Call does not stop after hang-up

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Wed Jan 9 05:02:05 EST 2019

On 01/08/2019 08:18 PM, Marcos Pytel wrote:
> Jan  8 16:11:35 sipwise lb[4196]: ERROR: rr [loose.c:188]: find_next_route(): failed to parse Route body
> Jan  8 16:11:35 sipwise lb[4196]: ERROR: rr [loose.c:855]: after_loose(): failed to find next route
> Jan  8 16:13:14 sipwise lb[4211]: ERROR: <core> [core/udp_server.c:607]: udp_send(): sendto(sock,0x7f64290db8f0,1089,0,,16): Invalid argument(22)
> Jan  8 16:13:14 sipwise lb[4211]: CRITICAL: <core> [core/udp_server.c:612]: udp_send(): invalid sendtoparameters#012one possible reason is the server is bound to localhost and#012attempts to send to the net
> Jan  8 16:13:38 sipwise lb[4213]: ERROR: <core> [core/forward.h:219]: msg_send_buffer(): udp_send failed

Hi Marcos,
yes, this is the problem and most probably it's caused by wrong route or
contact headers from the end device.
Unfortunately, I still can't open the new pcap file you've provided
("The capture file appears to be damaged or corrupt.
(pcap: File has 823214080-byte packet, bigger than maximum of 262144)")
How did you capture it? Did you press Ctrl+C to stop capture before
copying the file from your machine?
Anyway, I would suggest to check the headers, especially in the 200 OK
received from callee. There must be something wrong.

Also, as a generic hint sometimes it helps activating topology stripping
feature (set kamailio.lb.security.topos.enable: 'yes' in config.yml if
you are on mr6.5.x release) because then we are stripping the rec-route
headers. But it will not help with bad INVITE or 200 from the UA.

Hope this helps,

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