[Spce-user] mr6.5.2 processes not listening on external IP's

scottf at zstaff.wcoil.com scottf at zstaff.wcoil.com
Wed Jan 9 18:25:26 EST 2019

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Hi, yes that did it for me, thank you very much. I'm still not sure why it was like that by default but I am thinking that it may be something to do with the os rather than the install, perhaps values provided during the install.
Much thanks,Scott
On Jan 9, 2019 2:34 PM, Tomi Hakkarainen <tomishakkarainen at gmail.com> wrote:


Did you try the ngcp-network command?
I think correct way would be configuring the 
/etc/ngcp-config/network.yml file
Look at https://www.sipwise.org/doc/mr6.5.2/spce/?_href=ar01s04.html#_network_configuration


On 9 Jan 2019, at 21.07, Scott Fertig <scottf at zstaff.wcoil.com> wrote:

After a new install and following the initial steps in the manual for 6.5.2 it appears all my processes are listening on or on ipv6 instead of the external IPv4 addresses. I was able to get the web interface to listen after modifying the nginx config but was certain this was not the way to actually "fix" the issue. Unfortunately it appears that Kamailio, and rtpengine are still listening on and ipv6. Can anyone let me know the proper way to fix this? I am using a public static IPv4 address. I am not certain how this ended up like this since my interface is named the standard eth0 and is properly working.



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