[Spce-user] mr6.5.3 upgrade procedure

Henk henk at voipdigit.nl
Mon Jan 28 06:29:19 EST 2019

Hi Alex,

You are right, I found the helper in the ngcp-support-access package and 
installed it, before I had noaccess installed (just to close security 



On 28-1-2019 12:08, Alex Lutay wrote:
> Hi,
> Historically ngcp-customtt-diff-helper was a part of
> the package ngcp-support-access, which is probably
> removed by you manually (and probably stub package
> ngcp-support-noaccess has been installed).
> I have reported the problem you noticed as TT#50973.
> The system should have the script ngcp-customtt-diff-helper
> installed even if the package ngcp-support-access
> is missing/removed.
> Otherwise the official upgrade documentation is corrupted.
> Please check which package you have installed on your CE:
> ngcp-support-access or ngcp-support-noaccess. Tnx!
> On 1/27/19 11:43 AM, Henk wrote:
>> I read in the upgrade procedure of 6.5.3 (I'm on 6.5.2) that
>> ngcp-customtt-diff-helper should be called. That script seems to be
>> missing on my (upgraded from mr5) system. So where can I find or install
>> that script? I have 7 customtt files, so it would save me some time.

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