[Spce-user] no cdrs after upgrade - mediator is running

Rene Krenn rkrenn at sipwise.com
Tue Jul 2 06:13:11 EDT 2019

If you check accounting.cdr databse tables, what export_status do the records there show?

If „unexported“, cdr-exporter is not running properly; eg. it’s dbuser is rejected. You can investigate by executing it from commandline.




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Hi there


We upgraded our sipwise to 4.5.12. I have just picked up that the cdrs appear to not be generated. Mediator is running, the CDR log shows:


Jul  2 12:04:15 sipwise (debug) mediator[4291]: Overall 2131068 CDRs created so far.
Jul  2 12:04:18 sipwise (debug) mediator[4291]: Overall 2131071 CDRs created so far.
Jul  2 12:04:21 sipwise (debug) mediator[4291]: Overall 2131073 CDRs created so far.
Jul  2 12:04:24 sipwise (debug) mediator[4291]: Overall 2131079 CDRs created so far.
Jul  2 12:04:27 sipwise (debug) mediator[4291]: Overall 2131083 CDRs created so far.


So all appears to be working. It does create the various files in the /home/jail/home/resellers/default directory, but they are blank. There are no files though at all in the /system directory since the upgrade.


Any ideas what could be missing?



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