[Spce-user] after db restore - DB provisioning access denied

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Jun 14 09:29:11 EDT 2019


You are welcome! Sipwise provides high quality software using all
modern QA/DevOps techniques, but sometimes we overlook possible user
input in configuration files.

Modern releases (mr7.2+) generates /etc/mysql/sipwise.cnf from ngcpcfg
tt2 template which helps us to validate state on 'ngcpcfg check' stage.

It is no longer necessary to backup/restore /etc/mysql/sipwise.cnf
manually/separately in mr7.2+. The value is coming from constants.yml
and you will no longer be affected by the issue described in the thread.

Have fun!

On 6/14/19 1:52 PM, Andy Clark wrote:
> All working - Thank you
> Really appreciate your help Alex!!!
> I honestly did not think it mattered if I manually edited or restored
> that file. I when changing the original, I like to comment then make
> changes. I know that the help that you and your team provide takes up a
> lot of your time and recreating the issue from our emails takes even
> more time. I just wanted to say "Thank you!!!" and I really appreciate
> it all your help

Alex Lutay

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