[Spce-user] Local LNP

Brian Pelletier brian.pelletier at aloe-me.net
Fri Jun 21 20:24:17 EDT 2019

Sure, there were things that needed to be done

1.  enable the feature in the config.yml file.  This step is in the documentation but I have pasted it below.  make sure to reload the config after.

      "set kamailio→proxy→lnp→enabled to yes and kamailio→proxy→lnp→type to local."

2.  enable LNP queries fpr the subscriber (this must be done on any subscriber with numbers you want to ad to your LNP table)

            Locate the subscriber and click "Details"

            Click Preferences

            Expand "Internals"

            Check the box for "lnp_for_local_sub"

3.  create LNP carries

            Go to "Settings" and "Number Porting"

            Click create LNP Carrier

            here you can crate the carriers however you like, but I set mine with a prefix of "1" and only checked the box for skip rewrite.

4.  add numbers

            from the same location as the above step click "Create Ported Number"

            choose the LNP carrier you want to use and add the full phone number "1" included

            add star and end dates if desired, leaving both blank activates it until you physically remove it from the list

Brian Pelletier

---- On Fri, 21 Jun 2019 05:16:09 -0400 Mark van Herpen <mailto:mark at cambrium.nl> wrote ----

Hi Brian, 
Do you mind to explain how you did this? 
Kind regards, 
Mark van Herpen 
On 19/06/2019 12:46, Brian Pelletier wrote: 
> I was able to get this working so no need for anyone to reply. 
> Brian Pelletier 
> ---- On Tue, 18 Jun 2019 10:48:51 -0400 *mailto:brian.pelletier at aloe-me.net * 
> wrote ---- 
>     Has anyone enabled and set up local LNP for porting 
>     numbers.  Basically I'm trying to make new numbers not ring in the 
>     sipwise system until they have poured it over and to send them out 
>     to the carrier trunk. 
>     Brian Pelletier 
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