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I have been playing with repacketisation. I could not get it to work on 6.4
and have now upgraded to 6.5.3 but it's not working on that either. Or I am
misunderstanding it of course.

If I understand it correctly, if I set a ptime of 20 for a subscriber,
sipwise should always send a ptime of 20 to subscriber, regardless of what
it receives from the peer. This is the part that is important for us as we
have subcribers who cannot handle a ptime of 60 and we have peers who use
that ptime.

When we set ptime on a peer level, it does appear to do it correctly. So
when we as a test force the ptime to a peer to 60 and leave it unchanged on
a subscriber level, this is what happens.

Subsribers >>>ptime 20>>>>sipwise
sipwise >>>ptime 60>>>> peer
sipwise<<<<<ptime 60 <<<<peer
subscriber<<<<ptime 60<<<sipwise

That looks correct as per our configuration in that case.

However when we leave the peer ptime unchanged and force the ptime on a
subscriber to 20, this is what happens:

subscriber >>>> sipwise ptime 20
sipwise >>>> peer ptime 20
sipwise <<<ptime 60 <<<<peer
subscriber<<<<<ptime 60 <<<<sipwise

My understanding is that on the leg to the subscriber it should use ptime
20 in this case as we specifically configured the subscriber as such?
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