[Spce-user] Upstream sends Bye instead of cancel

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Fri May 10 10:16:39 EDT 2019

in general chapter 15 of RF3261, here an extract:

"The notion of "hanging up" is not well defined within SIP.  It is
       specific to a particular, albeit common, user interface.
       Typically, when the user hangs up, it indicates a desire to
       terminate the attempt to establish a session, and to terminate any
       sessions already created.  For the caller's UA, this would imply a
       CANCEL request if the initial INVITE has not generated a final
       response, and a BYE to all confirmed dialogs after a final
       response.  For the callee's UA, it would typically imply a BYE;
       presumably, when the user picked up the phone, a 2xx was
       generated, and so hanging up would result in a BYE after the ACK
       is received."

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On 5/10/19 3:34 PM, qabane me wrote:
> Hi
> On of our interconnects sends calls to us. When the caller cancels the 
> call before a session is established, they send us a BYE. That should be 
> a CANCEL as far as I know. This is causing issues with the callee's 
> phone continuing to ring. I am trying to argue with them but they are 
> saying it's allowed. I am trying to check the RFCs but am not finding 
> ammunition. Does any one have a link to show that indeed I am right and 
> they are wrong? (assuming that I am)
> So the scenario is:
> image.png
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