[Spce-user] mr6.5.4 proxy still starts before redis

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon May 20 05:00:15 EDT 2019


Is it the same on your side:

> root at spce:~# systemd-analyze dot kamailio-proxy.service | grep redis
>    Color legend: black     = Requires
>                  green     = After
> 	"kamailio-proxy.service"->"redis-server.service" [color="green"];
> 	"kamailio-proxy.service"->"redis-server.service" [color="black"];
> root at spce:~#


On 5/19/19 12:13 PM, Henk wrote:
> I updated to the latest patch, but after a reboot kamailio is still
> starting before redis is up.

I believe you have executed 'ngcpcfg apply' after the new package(s)
installation. Right?

Alex Lutay

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