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Ok we did a little more digging with the help of Jon. It looks like this is
indeed a bug? When the ptime is set to anything except "leave unchanged" on
the peer side, and then we force the ptime to 20 on the subcriber side, it
works. The log will show "Enabling transcoding engine".

However, when the peer side has "leave unchanged" and the subscriber is
forced to 20, the log does not show that. So it looks like in that case it
does not invoke the transcoding engine. From what I understand from the
manual it should though.

I hope that helps?

On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 8:18 PM qabane me <qabaneitsolutions at gmail.com>

> Hi
> ok I got it to work with changing the ptime to the subscriber. So while
> the peer sends ptime 60, sipwise now has ptime 20 in the invite to the
> subscriber. However, it would appear that even though it states ptime 20,
> it is in actual fact still ptime 60 as the underlying subscriber, in this
> case Freeswitch, states that it is receiving it in ptime 60.
> How do I check this?
> On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 10:27 AM qabane me <qabaneitsolutions at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have been playing with repacketisation. I could not get it to work on
>> 6.4 and have now upgraded to 6.5.3 but it's not working on that either. Or
>> I am misunderstanding it of course.
>> If I understand it correctly, if I set a ptime of 20 for a subscriber,
>> sipwise should always send a ptime of 20 to subscriber, regardless of what
>> it receives from the peer. This is the part that is important for us as we
>> have subcribers who cannot handle a ptime of 60 and we have peers who use
>> that ptime.
>> When we set ptime on a peer level, it does appear to do it correctly. So
>> when we as a test force the ptime to a peer to 60 and leave it unchanged on
>> a subscriber level, this is what happens.
>> Subsribers >>>ptime 20>>>>sipwise
>> sipwise >>>ptime 60>>>> peer
>> sipwise<<<<<ptime 60 <<<<peer
>> subscriber<<<<ptime 60<<<sipwise
>> That looks correct as per our configuration in that case.
>> However when we leave the peer ptime unchanged and force the ptime on a
>> subscriber to 20, this is what happens:
>> subscriber >>>> sipwise ptime 20
>> sipwise >>>> peer ptime 20
>> sipwise <<<ptime 60 <<<<peer
>> subscriber<<<<<ptime 60 <<<<sipwise
>> My understanding is that on the leg to the subscriber it should use ptime
>> 20 in this case as we specifically configured the subscriber as such?
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