[Spce-user] Multiple Billing Profile for Customer

cappellari at connectlife.it cappellari at connectlife.it
Thu Apr 16 19:07:55 EDT 2020

Hi guys, can I assign two different billing profiles to a customer? I have seen the profile packages but I do not understand very well how they work (nothing is written on the documentation) and they seem not to work. I would like to assign the billing profile for local calls (Italy Rates) and the profile for international calls (International Rates). I want to keep them divided because some customers have flat rates and I would not want to create further profiles in order not to overload the database. The match is done with regular expressions, it would be nice to have customer 1 with Italy Rates and International Rates as an example, customer 2 with Italy Flat and International Rates as an example etc. etc. 

Danny Cappellari 
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