[Spce-user] License Issue on 8.5.1 During Initial Config

EMMANUEL AFANG afang.emmanuel at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 00:13:56 EDT 2020

Hi All
Trying o test out the new 8.5.1
After completing the installation and reboot, I start the initial config
This ends up with an error, and the error seems to be License related.

Please how do replace with a dummy license?

*:~# ngcp-status*
SWAP: SWAP is not found, check and enable it
IO: missing 'noatime' for / , check /etc/fstab
APT: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list not found, skipped check_apt_list
DB: DB localhost:3306 contains 4 users without password: root at localhost
root at sipwise-billing-check root at root@::1
SYSD: found 2 failing systemd services: ngcp-license-client.service
systemd-modules-load.service |
SRV: found 2 failed service(s): ngcp-eaddress ngcp-license-client

Best Regards

*Emmanuel Afang *

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<fang.emmanuel at gmail.com>*

Skype: *a <cuzomba at dial-mobile.com>fang.emmanuel*
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