[Spce-user] Rtp source address changes after in-dialog Invite

Chris Hoffmann chris021 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 05:27:23 EDT 2020


I have a bit of an odd issue that I am struggling with on my sipwise box
running mr6.5.2

i have 2 interfaces so my setup looks like this:

[Upstream Carrier] -------- [int-eth | SIPWISE | ext-eth] ---------- [My

99% of all calls work fine however, I have a client with a Mitel system,
and when I send them a call which hits an auto attendant they send me
another invite. When this happens Sipwise stops sending RTP with the
ext-eth IP as the source and starts sending RTP with the int-eth IP as the
source. At the same time Sipwise also sends a SIP/SDP 200 OK with the SDP
packet showing:

Owner/Creator, Session Id (o): root 1724471111 1724471112 IN IP4 192.168.x.x
this is also the int-eth IP.

Any ideas on what is going on here?


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