[Spce-user] sipwise ce mr 9.1.1 webRTC and Rate FEE

Tomasz Sidło sid at linux.pl
Wed Dec 23 07:29:52 EST 2020

Hi to all,

I installed sipwise cd mr9.1.1 browsing the official information available and I couldn't find answers to my questions.

A long time ago, when I was installing an earlier version, I ran webRTC without any problems and at the moment I have a problem.
in config.yml I have set (after installation it was default) ssl on port 5061 I also added certificates.

In netstat I see that kamailio listens on port 5061, uses doubango.org as socket ws for connection, typing wss: // mydomain: 5061 / ws and returning me the information "2: SecurityError: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': The port 5061 is not allowed. "

Am I doing it right? if not please correct me.

The second problem I encountered was charging for calls.
I added rate and when I make test calls where I have another pBX connected, it doesn't count payments.

I have set in billing fee
match mode as a longest match
source as. (dot)
destiny as ^ 660. + $ (this is the beginning of the cell number in PL for GSM network)
direction as outbound
Onpeak init rate as 0.0625
Onpeak init interval as 1
Onpeak follow rate as 0.0625

Is it funny?
Does distortion have to be built differently with the domain?
I am asking for help and correction of errors.
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