[Spce-user] Usage of Sound Sets

Ralf Eberhard r.eberhard at msg-gruppe.de
Mon Feb 24 06:35:06 EST 2020

Hello sipwise fellows,

we're trying to implement Sound Sets for 486, 404 and such.

It's not working at all. Could you please point us into the right direction - maybe we're missing something.

What we've tried:

- Using the Defaults, ("Load defaults")
- using custom Files
- Chosing the Sound Set under Domain and Subscriber
-Removing everything concerning Sound Sets and setting it again

Both on a SPCE 7.5.3 totally clean installation and on SPCE 6.5.6

We're not getting any results, it's just not playing any sounds.
For example 404 is always just getting transmitted to the client as SIP Status Code.
Switch to 183+RTP is not happening.

However, if we set the test-subscriber to locked outbound, the associated file is played.

What are we missing?

Thanks in advance & kind regards,

Ralf Eberhard
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