[Spce-user] Migrate from 2.8 to C5 mr8.x

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Mon Jan 13 08:10:44 EST 2020


Sipwise is currently performing one such migration for the customer: CE
2.8 -> PRO mr7.5 LTS.
Feel free to contact Sipwise sales team (sales at sipwise.com)
if you are interested in such professional service.

In short: new server(s) are installed nearby on target release,
test data migration happens (several times if necessary) and confirmed
by you. Production data migration and traffic switchover happens in a
pre-defined moment.

You have to carefully upgrade DB schema, keep in mind you have to pass
all LTS upgrades for data 2.8->mr3.8->mr4.5->mr5.5->mr6.5->mr7.5 and
each LTS released used different MySQL/Percona/MariaDB versions which
creates surprises in some corner cases.

In general you have to take care about all data MySQL/Redis/CDR_exports/...

2community: I would like to hear CE success stories here for
such complex migrations/upgrades! Did somebody manage it?

Thank you!

On 1/13/20 12:29 PM, scramatte . wrote:
> We need to migrate from SPCE 2.8 to C5 mr8.x
> Does anybody have experience with how can we export whole data from old
> server to new one?
> I mean accounts, subscribers, cdrs, voicemail and call forwards and
> custom messages
> I was thinking that it would ok using API  but not sure that API expose
> whole data...

Alex Lutay

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