[Spce-user] Number portability issue.

Anar Agayarov anar at agayarov.com
Sun Jun 7 09:19:36 EDT 2020

Hello, dear list members.

I have one problem with number portability.

The situation is that:

In my country existing around 50 telecom operators and number porting are
very popular.

So, I have a database of full ported numbers. (which is updating each day)
The database contains around *380K* numbers.

For example, the owner (donor) of the number 995577111111 is operator A,
but the subscriber ported this number to operator B.

I have an interconnection with operators A and B. Prefix 995577111XXX is
routing to operator A, but exact number 995577111111 should be routed to
operator B. as well as number 995577111120 to operator C. and etc.

I am not sure that it is possible by LNP.  I would be most grateful to you
if you could help me in sorting this out.


Best Regards
Anar Agayarov
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