[Spce-user] Proxying SIP call to another provider?

Martin@GE martin at growth-elements.com
Mon Jun 15 20:58:45 EDT 2020

Hi guys, not sure if this is something doable.

I’m trying to do the following scenario

SERVER 1 (IP a.b.c.d) -> makes sip call to +1xxxxxx at e.f.g.h -> SIPWISE SERVER 2 (IP e.f.g.h) 

The Server 2 replies not found 404 as I guess it takes Server 1 to be a peer.

Instead, I want to allow Server 2 to then forward it to my SIP provider to make a landline call.

Obviously would like to lock it to origin IP.

I was fiddling around with creating a registration based on IP or a peer but I might not have the right concept.

Any directions here would be much appreciated!



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