[Spce-user] Issue after upgrade from 4.5.13 to 5.5.11

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at cloudcom.cat
Tue Mar 10 04:28:55 EDT 2020

Hi Alex!

Yes, is a strange issue... I have not enabled any DDOS protection. Have Sipwise any protection for it? This upgrade to 5.5.11 is comming from fresh installation of 4.5.6 with no extra configurations. Only Sipwise are installed.

The server have 2 cores and 8 GB of RAM on a vCloud infraestructure.

The same machine with 4.5.13 works fine everytime.

Robert Cuaresma

From: Alex Lutay <alutay at sipwise.com>
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Just a shoot in a dark: maybe you have enabled some DDOS protection with
too low parameters?

On 3/10/20 8:18 AM, Robert Cuaresma wrote:
> After upgrade with no errors all works fine (during all weekend),
> inbound and outbound calls with any peer works fine (with low traffic).
> On monday at 07:30 h aprox the traffic grow a little (4-5 simultaneous
> calls, low traffic too). At this moment I can reproduce the first
> REJECTED with error "No matching inbound peer rule in any peering
> group". During the weekend i made a lot of calls for test and it works
> always fine. The same test to the same number, from the same number,
> after the first REJECT, it not works anymore and all calls from this
> peer are rejected.
> All the peering groups have configured this inbound rule (rule by default):
> - Field: to_ruri
> - Pattern: .*
> Any suggestion about this issue?
> Thanks a lot in advance.

Alex Lutay

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