[Spce-user] Question on concurrent_max used in domain

Scott Fertig scottf at zstaff.wcoil.com
Fri May 1 10:14:42 EDT 2020

After some further testing it does seem like this is broken, or it is 
worded incorrectly.
concurrent_max seems to work setting the number specified to both 
inbound and outbound
so setting concurrent_max to 2 on a domain or subscriber allows
2 calls in and 2 calls out simultaneously for a total of 4 concurrent calls.

Is there anywhere I can set a limit on all concurrent calls regardless 
of if they are inbound or outbound?
I just need to limit a domain to a finite number of concurrent calls 
regardless of if they are inbound or outbound.


On 4/30/20 4:21 PM, Scott Fertig wrote:
> Hello,
> I think I may be a little confused. I am using mr8.3.1 and am working 
> on a scenario to cut down on toll fraud and am attempting to limit 
> concurrent calls along with using NCOS, the NCOS side works just 
> perfect. When setting a value for concurrent_max in a domain I'm not 
> sure if it's working properly (or maybe this is just not the option I 
> want). What happens is say for example I assign a value of 1 to 
> concurrent_max, then subscriber A can receive a call and subscriber B 
> can make a call, but no other calls can be processed for this domain 
> because it is at max. It seems as though the value is for each 
> incoming and outgoing rather than a total amount of calls since 
> subscriber B is still able to make a call out. What I am needing to do 
> is make it so that if I set concurrent_max to 1 subscriber A can call 
> out and no other calls can be made incoming or outgoing from this 
> domain. Am I just confused about what this setting actually does or am 
> I looking for a different setting? I've thought about trying to define 
> totals for both incoming and outgoing, but ideally I need to just take 
> a total of all calls (incoming and outgoing) and stop any new calls 
> after this total is reached.
> Thank you
> --Scott

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