[Spce-user] SIPWISE block

cappellari at connectlife.it cappellari at connectlife.it
Fri May 8 15:26:22 EDT 2020

Hi everyone, I have a fairly urgent problem. The NGCP DDOS blocks IP and consequently blocks the server update. I attach log .. is there any way to exclude the IP from the DDOS ban active on config.yml? Thank 

May 8 03:21:39 sbc lb[1323]: NOTICE: <script>: Reply from Inbound - S=423 - Mark host as banned M=OPTIONS IP=«udp»:«»:«5062» ID=«747d9dd9-21cd-4f0b-9a3e-045fd7c58290» UA='<null>' DESTIP=«»:«5060» 
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