[Spce-user] Problem with callout

Tran tranjk09 at gmail.com
Fri May 22 02:26:23 EDT 2020


I use SIP Wise 8.3, i config it as gateway to connect from local to SIP

I can get inbound call ok, but outbound call have problem:
- PBX with IP x.x.x.x will connect as subscriber of SIPwise (IP y.y.y.y)
and connect to SIP provider (using AAREswitch)
- SIP provider said that they get message from IP y.y.y.y but some thing in
sip message not ok so call rejected:
+  field From is "A at x.x.x.x", they expect From is A at y.y.y.y
+ contact URI is: ngcp-lb at y.y.y.y , they expect contact URI is : A at y.y.y.y
(A is caller id which SiP provider sell us)

I looking around and can't see how to change, any one can help ?

Thank you
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