[Spce-user] Does rtpengine support trickle ICE?

Anthony Alba ascanio.alba7 at gmail.com
Fri May 1 12:35:49 EDT 2020

Another question: from the ng protocol perspective what is the mininum
SDP that is needed to match
the media?

The browsers OnIceCandidate event just generates the candidate without
ice-pwd/ice-ufrag anymore.

Can we send a fragment SDP like

m=audio 9 RTP/AVP 0
a=candidate:1 1 UDP 2130706431 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::1 5000 typ host
a=candidate:1 2 UDP 2130706431 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::1 5001 typ host
a=candidate:2 1 UDP 1694498815 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::3 5000 typ srflx
         raddr 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::1 rport 8998
 a=candidate:2 2 UDP 1694498815 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::3 5001 typ srflx
         raddr 2001:db8:a0b:12f0::1 rport 8998

and rtpengine will remember the ice-pwd/ice-ufrag from the initial offer?
How many of a=mid, a=msid, a=ssrc must be included to match?

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