[Spce-user] Active calls to peer

Michael Prokop mprokop at sipwise.com
Thu May 21 03:22:45 EDT 2020

* Martin at GE [Wed May 20, 2020 at 12:15:47PM +1000]:

> I am running CE version MR5.1.1 at the moment without issues.

Please be aware that mr5.1.1 is unsupported since 2017 and you
should strongly consider upgrading to a supported version (see
https://www.sipwise.com/releases/ and

> I would like to get the active calls happening with a seperate
> peer and then put that data in a database (seperate project
> development wise).

> I can use sngrep to look at the calls but I’d like to get just the
> concurrent calls happening at this moment.

> So I looked and tried to use the following commands.

> ngcp-sems-list-active-calls
> ngcp-sems-list-calls

> They come back with like the following …. I’m not sure what the
> 809 figure means. Can someone explain this to me and how to get
> the active calls? Looking at external peer calls. If I can get by
> peer, that will be good as well.

> Active calls: 809
> xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault 500: 'could not get factory'>

This is a known issue (known as TT#49266) and was fixed in mr6.5.4,
mr7.0.2, mr7.2.1 and all later NGCP versions, so once you upgrade to one
of those more recent and supported releases, the issue should be gone.

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